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We take pride in keeping NanoCure® chemical protectants on the leading edge of the vehicle appearance marketplace, continuously working to improve our chemicals’ performance, which safeguard against damage to vehicle surfaces.


Tiny Particles.
Massive Protection.

Our proprietary technologies enhance both a vehicle’s interior and exterior with protection products scientifically engineered to perform in ways most other products cannot.

Nanotechnology is “the science of small.” One nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. For reference, a single sheet of paper is 100,000 nanometers thick. Atoms are less than one nanometer wide. We craft our formulations at the atomic level for the strongest, lightest and most durable vehicle protection with greatest surface area coverage.


NanoCure® Ceramic Graphene
with Nanoxide™

We combined our flagship compounds to create the revolutionary, industry-leading exterior protectant. NanoCure® Ceramic Graphene offers an elevated level of protection thanks to its lightweight, flexible and ultra-strong characteristics.

Scientifically Elevated Windshield Protection

Our Windshield Protectant with Nanoxide™ is formulated with various nanoparticles that bond to the windshield, such as Silica, Zinc Oxide and Polysiloxanes. Silica helps create a smoother, harder windshield surface, Zinc Oxide adds UV radiation resistance, and Polysiloxanes adds hydrophobicity to shed water, snow and ice.

Safeguarding Value
Inside and Out

NanoCure® protectants provide vehicle surfaces a rugged defense against everyday incidents and mishaps that can permanently damage the appearance and value.

Icon for Exterior Vehicle </br> Appearance Protection

Exterior Vehicle
Appearance Protection

• Paint
• Factory Wheel
• Black Trim Molding
• Headlight Lenses

Icon for Interior Vehicle </br> Appearance Protection

Interior Vehicle
Appearance Protection

• Leather
• Vinyl
• Carpet
• Fabric

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