Corrosion Protection & Sound Barrier

A Beautiful
Peaceful Drive

Road and engine noise can ruin a peaceful, scenic drive. Rust can cause an inconvenient vehicle issue when least expected. NanoCure® Shield Corrosion Protectant and Sound Barrier improves every journey while protecting from harmful elements that can damage your vehicle’s appearance and resale value.

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Prevent Rust

Rust and corrosion aren’t just unsightly; they damage vehicles. Salt, magnesium chloride, sand and deicing agents all attack vehicle surfaces and cause rust to occur. NanoCure® Shield Corrosion Protection guards against corrosion that can lead to negative consequences.

  • Prevents moisture from creating rust and corrosion inside body panels, pillar posts and hood and trunk panels
  • Protects against damaging surface rust that detracts from a vehicle’s appearance and value
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Reduce Noise

Noise from the engine and the road can often result in a less than peaceful driving experience and can even become an unsafe distraction. NanoCure® Shield Sound Barrier makes the ride more pleasant while providing additional protective benefits.

  • Deadens the noise from the engine and from the road
  • Helps keep a vehicle’s undercarriage dust- and debris-free
  • Insulates from heat and cold
  • Reduces undercarriage with harsh chemicals