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The Keys to
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Ancillary programs are key drivers to increasing dealership profit. You can offer the benefits of our revolutionary nanotechnology for protection beyond the warranty. Choose from a comprehensive suite of NanoCure® appearance protection and ancillary vehicle protection to boost product penetration, improve CSI and retain more customers.

The Keys to<br> <span>Drive Profit</span>
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Our family of product warranties and variable term service contracts pick up where the manufacturer’s limited warranty leaves off, creating a great entry way for an effective sales presentation. We offer Exclusionary Coverage for both new and used vehicles, providing like-new coverage on pre-owned vehicles. All programs are reinsurable.

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Appearance Protection

Increase your vehicle inventory’s value and enhance your customers’ ownership experience with frontloaded F&I solutions, customized for you. Offer industry-leading chemical appearance protection programs with Exclusionary Coverage for exterior and interior as well as ancillary protection for windshield and more. Whether you need a “Why Buy Here?” message to drive vehicle sales or a no-charge offer that leads to F&I upsells, we have a solution for you.


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