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NanoCure® Appearance Protection Programs enhance your vehicle ownership experience by shielding your ride from the elements and common hazards of life on the road, helping your vehicle retain its showroom-like beauty and value. As pioneers and innovators in nanotechnology for appearance protection, we are confident that you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that accompanies every drive.

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Care & Maintenance

NanoCure® protectants will keep your vehicle looking great for many years. Here are a few key tips to help make the shine last:

  • Keep the exterior clean, washing regularly and preferably with soft-touch microfiber brushes and towels
  • Wipe up spills on the interior surfaces as quickly as possible
  • Prevent contaminants such as tree sap, insect damage or bird droppings from remaining on treated surfaces for extended amounts of time
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Filing a claim

Please note, pre-authorization is required prior to repairs. To initiate a claim for a NanoCure® or Freedom® Protection program for your vehicle, return to the dealership where you purchased it, and the service advisor will assist you.

If you are unable to return to the selling dealer, contact us prior to any repair work at 888.268.2832. Please have your Vehicle Identification Number or Contract/Warranty Number available when you call.

For all other questions regarding your contract or coverage:

  • Call 888.268.2832 or
  • Connect with us online here. Select “Claims” from the dropdown menu. Once you complete and submit the Claims Inquiry form, you will be contacted by one of our claims specialists.
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For a claim to be covered for any vehicle component repaired or replaced after the vehicle's initial NanoCure® application, the component must have been re-treated with the appropriate NanoCure® protectant.

If your NanoCure® vehicle protection program does not include a reapplication benefit, you must re-treat the affected area.

To order reapplication supplies, visit this page. There is no charge for supplies, just cover shipping and handling.

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