Windshield Protection

A Clear

NanoCure Windshield Protection focuses on defending the windshield so the driver can focus on a safe, secure ride. Powered by the revolutionary nanotechnology of NanoCure® with Nanoxide™, treated windshields gain a protective barrier that prevents damage from the elements, debris and other minor road hazards.

windshield crack

Ingenious Technology

By forming a molecular bond with the glass surface, NanoCure® Windshield Protection creates a hydrophobic effect that repels water and other elements, while also sealing and evening the surface of the glass to improve visibility and reduce glare.

windshield crack

Solid Coverage

Coverage provides for the repair of minor chips and cracks less than 6″, should damage occur.

  • Safely repairs auto’s or RV’s windshield for clarity and vision
  • Prevents small chips from becoming large cracks
  • Avoid the cost of windshield replacement and an auto insurance deductible
  • Preserves the integrity of the original windshield seal
Windshield protection