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When it comes to living life on the road, many hazards are unavoidable. UV rays and harsh weather can damage the exterior, while spills and stains can tarnish the beauty of the interior. Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover any of this. NanoCure® RV Ceramic Protection provides the lasting protection a new RV purchase deserves.

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RV Ceramic

Through revolutionary nanotechnology, NanoCure® with Nanoxide™ permanently bonds to the surface, providing a rugged barrier for the exterior and interior.

Ceramic Exterior Advantages

  • Enhances and maintains an ultra-glossy appearance
  • Protects exterior from contaminants that can damage the paint
  • Enhances paint hardness for better chip and scratch resistance
  • Guards against sun-induced fading, loss of gloss and more

Exterior Ceramic Coverage

Icon for Body Panel Protection

Body Panel Protection

Protects the exterior surfaces of the RV from damage by the elements, such as hard water deposits, tree sap, insects, road tar and other hazards of life on the road

Icon for End Cap Protection

End Cap Protection

Protects and prevents damage to the appearance of RV end caps

Icon for Factory Wheel Protection

Factory Wheel Protection

Prevents staining or excessive brake dust that is not easily removed by a commercial car wash

Icon for Headlight Lens Protection

Headlight Lens Protection

Prevents dulling, yellowing or fading of your RV’s headlight lenses

Icon for Vinyl Awning Protection

Vinyl Awning Protection

Prevents damage to the appearance of the exterior awning, with the exception of vinyl slide-out covers

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Interior Coverage

  • Leather & Vinyl Protection – Prevents damage to interior upholstery from spills, stains and the effects of UV rays
  • Carpet & Fabric Protection – Shields carpet and fabrics from spills and stains from food, drink and bodily fluids, as well as sun damage
  • And more
Driving an RV

Windshield Protection

  • Improves visibility and reduces glare
  • Enhances hydrophobicity to quickly repel water
  • Hardens the surface, reducing the chances of chips and cracks due to particles and road debris
  • Provides for the repair of minor chips and cracks less than 6″, should damage occur

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