Positively Clean

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Service Profit

Keeping employees and customers safe is vitally important to a business’s operation and reputation. Positively Clean, an EPA-registered disinfectant and sanitizer, is perfectly suited for use in the dealership and in vehicles, killing the Coronavirus and many other viruses and bacteria.

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Positively clean

A Versatile

Get plenty of bang for your dealership buck—treat vehicles with Positively Clean upon every repair order to increase your fixed operations profit while protecting employees and customers. Positively Clean is a robust, economical solution that is simple to apply, fast-acting and leaves no trace or residue.

For Sales: Disinfect vehicles before and after test drives

For Make Ready: Deliver completely sanitized vehicles to your customers

For Service: Offer as a customer retention benefit by disinfecting vehicles before and after service appointments

For the Dealership: Sanitize every workspace in the dealership – Reception, waiting areas, sales desks, F&I offices, Service, Parts and the back office


Proven Results

  • 99% Chlorine Dioxide disinfectant
  • EPA-approved for use against Coronavirus, SARS-COV 2, Norovirus, MRSA, E-Coli and more
  • Non-corrosive and environmentally-friendly
  • Removes odors, including cigarette smoke
  • Leaves no trace, does not stain vehicle interiors