Auto Appearance Protection

Coverage That
Goes The Distance

Our Auto Appearance Protection programs were developed to protect vehicles from the most common incidents that can permanently damage their appearance and ding their resale value. Featuring protection for exterior and interior surfaces, NanoCure® guards a vehicle’s appearance—and preserves its resale value. Our auto appearance protection programs are designed to pick up where the manufacturer’s limited warranty leaves off.

Black car on the dawn
Black car on a dawn

Exterior Protection

Our exterior protectants defend a vehicle’s paint, black trim molding, alloy wheels, headlamps and tail lamps from road hazards and contaminants that can permanently damage the appearance and ding the resale value.

  • Provides an ultra-glossy appearance
  • Protects from loss of gloss, fading and discoloration
  • Increases paint hardness for chip and scratch resistance
  • Shields surfaces from sun damage and environmental contaminants
Dog and Woman in the car

Interior Protection

Our interior protectants, including Leather & Vinyl and Carpet & Fabric, offer surfaces a weather- and stain-resistant barrier.

  • Strengthens surfaces against scratches, rips, tears and punctures
  • Prevents surfaces from fading, cracking and peeling
  • Creates a barrier against spills and stains from food, drink, and bodily fluids as well as UV rays
auto appearance protection