Powersports Protection

Protect Your Freedom

Freedom Powersports Protection is designed to protect both on-road motorcycles as well as off-road powersports vehicles, offering coverage that helps maintain their luster for years to come!


A new ride’s factory finish will withstand the many hazards awaiting it when you hit the open road. Repairing damage to its appearance can cost you a pretty penny — unless you’re covered. Freedom Powersports Protection features NanoCure with Nanoxide™ protectants, giving your vehicle a cutting-edge barrier against the sun’s harmful UV rays, constant exposure to harsh weather conditions, insect damage, tree sap, hard water spotting and more.


Ceramic Exterior Protection. Provides vehicles with a transparent coat of armor, defending against damage from sun-induced fading, loss of gloss, hard water spotting and more. Learn more about the innovative science behind our Ceramic Exterior Protectant.

Leather & Vinyl Protection. Prevents damage to interior upholstery from the sun’s harmful UV rays as well as spills from food, drinks and more.