Marine Protection

Protect Your Freedom

Freedom Marine Protection is designed to protect all types of vessels, including powerboats, jet skis, pontoons, fishing boats and sailboats.


Right now, your new boat or personal watercraft is bold, bad and beautiful—but that appearance won’t last forever. Freedom Marine Protection feature NanoCure with Nanoxide™ protectants, giving your boat or personal watercraft a cutting-edge barrier against constant exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays, harsh weather conditions, insect damage, and deterioration from both fresh and salt water.


Ceramic Exterior Protection. Provides watercrafts with a transparent coat of armor, defending against damage from the sun-induced fading, loss of gloss, hard water spotting and more. Learn more about the innovative science behind our Ceramic Exterior Protectant.

Leather & Vinyl Protection. Prevents damage to interior upholstery from spills and stains and the effects of UV rays.

Carpet & Fabric Protection. Shields carpet and fabrics from sun and UV damage as well as spills and stains from food, drink and bodily fluids and more.