Windshield Protection


NanoCure Windshield Protection is powered by NanoCure® with Nanoxide which features revolutionary nanotechnology to seal a windshield’s surface with a protective barrier that prevents damage by the elements and debris from other minor road hazards. This cutting-edge protectant provides greater visibility while protecting vehicle windshields from dirt, insects and more.


NanoCure Windshield Protection focuses on defending the windshield so the driver can focus on a safe, secure ride. By forming a molecular bond with the glass surface, NanoCure Windshield Protection creates a “hydrophobic” effect that repels water and other elements—while also reducing glare, improving your visibility, and keeping people safer on the road.

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You’re Covered

Coverage provides for repair of minor chips and cracks less than 6″. If the windshield cannot be repaired, a replacement is provided at no cost.

    • Safely repairs auto or RV’s windshield for clarity and vision
    • Prevents small chips from becoming large cracks
    • Avoid the cost of windshield replacement and an auto insurance deductible
    • Preserves the integrity of the original windshield seal